Based out of Los Angeles, Timea Papp is a contemporary dancer and acclaimed choreographer. Her recent worldwide credits include amazing performances in America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent, Fake Off, Eurovision Song Contest, plus many feature films, theatrical productions, live events and ads.


She is co-owner and Artistic Director of Freelusion, a videomapping and dance company. She created her pop singer character, Spacerider in 2008 to showcase her singing talent in addition to her roles as a dancer and show creator. She performed her first music single live at Balaton Sound Festival.

Timea has appeared as not only a dancer and a choreographer in three Hungarian feature films, but also played a lively, wicked skater girl in all 10 episodes of the hit tv series "First Generation".


Timea has a special connection with space-funk superstars Jamiroquai - she choreographed a tv ad based on one of their hits, which got her invited to their concert in Budapest. In the heat of the moment, singer Jay Kay spontaneosly invited Timea onstage, to dance to the song as the band played it live in front of their 50,000 fans. Inspired by the vibe of that event, Timea later filmed a special dance video to a Jamiroquai song, which has been watched over 700,000 times on YouTube.

Timea was born in Hungary. Apart from graduating from both the Rotterdam Dance Academy and the Hungarian Dance Academy she has participated in dance courses all around the world. She is experienced in many genres of dance from ballet through broadway and jazz all the way to contemporary dance.


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